We’ve worked with lots of great people over the years. Here’s what just a few have had to say about Capable Home Buyers.

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Private Investor

My original concerns with the investment I made through Emanuel Stafilidis was;

“Would the investment be Secure,

Would there be good returns,

Would there be good communications”

And it did prove True.

Mr Stafilidis provided regular communication, whenever I had questions or concerns, there was a very quick and reassuring response and yes I was happy with the results.

I’ve actually had 2 investments now with Mr Stafilidis and his company and those provided very good returns.

I can encourage others that have not as yet availed themselves of this investment type of investing in the building and renovation and resale of assets that Emanuel’s company provides, it certainly gives a very sure and secure and stable returns.

And on a personal note, I certainly find the dealing with Mr Emanuel Stafilidis as very professional and someone I’ve grown to trust now over quite some period of time.

Testimonial Peter W.

It was a pleasure to deal with Capable Home Buyers.

We were able to get the price we wanted for our property.

Emanuel always answered our phone calls and if unable to answer he returned our phone calls as soon as possible.

Emanuel was very attentive to our needs and has a lot of integrity.

He is a very respectful person to deal with.

Roslyn and Marvin Weinstein

Testimonial - Mr & Mrs Weinstein
- Mr & Mrs Weinstein

I have known and worked with Emanuel since he arrived in the USA in 2018. I have found him to be honest and reliable and would recommend him to any prospective clients. Emanuel is easy going, relaxed and gets the job done.

- Chad - Virginia
Charlie - Virginia Beach

I have known and worked with Emanuel for a couple of years and he is truthful and frank. I would not hesitate to recommend him.

- Charlie - Virginia Beach